Project Name: YOU AS FW17 Location: New York, NY Year: 2017 Type: Installation/Set Design Collaborators: Design: Andreas Kostopoulos, Fabrication: Jorge Plazas, Sean Ye Size: 2800sf Status: Completed
For You As founder Tony Liu's Fall/Winter 2017 show, Office Mian Ye and Andreas Kostopoulos collaborated to harmonize theatrics with subtlety. Creating an open plan configuration allowed the models to be viewed from different angles; close-up as well as juxtaposed between moments of the installation. The plan moved in a figure eight around the space, which allowed a more fluid linear circulation for the large crowd of photographers and viewers alike.

Tony Liu’s collection was inspired around the 1950's and 1980's Americana and the film and cinema of those decades. An interwoven display of neon colors coupled with lifted sweeping wooden “bars” topped with glossy faux black marble tiles set the tone for the installation, recreating a vintage “dive bar” feel which complemented the collection’s bold graphics and patterns.

Striking deep orange hues of butterflied wood panels inspired by Mies van der Rohe were printed on a fine satin cloth. They were stretched along steel armatures and back-lit, becoming glowing self-supporting panoramic light fixtures which mimicked the shapes of the bars within.

The use of platonic shapes for the set was paired with a more modern material palette with the use of mirrored mylar columns. These columns wrapped around the existing concrete pair, producing a variety of fragmented and skewed reflections of the models as they stood in place while shifting their body weight every so often, generating a reflective show across the columns’ surface.