Project Name: ULTERIOR Location: New York, NY Year: 2016 Type: Commercial Collaborators: Design: Patrick Ngo; Local Architect: y-architecture Size: 300SF Status: Completed Press: GLASSTIRE Photography: OFFICE MIAN YE, PATRICK T. NGO
Ulterior is a 300sf flexible gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The owner, Takako Tanabe, was once the director at Fergus MaCaffrey, an established gallery within the ranks of the so called blue-chip galleries of West Chelsea. In 2014, she was responsible for the launch of their Chelsea flagship.

Ulterior embraces the idea of the Micro Gallery; a typical occurrence of the galleries in the LES and Chinatown; both awkward and occasionally too small to fit any large works of art. Treating the Gallery independently from the rest of the space, the door separating the Office became frame-less, with a knife edge reveal. This gave the illusion that there was no space continuing beyond. The width of the Gallery was adjusted wide enough to hang two large swaths of wall art on either side while the center aisle accommodated standing pieces comfortably. When cleared out, the space converts to a small screening room which seats 15. The smaller space granting the public a direct view into the screening area, allowing a broader reach to passerbyers in the neighborhood.