Project Name: Party Walls Location: Brooklyn, NY Year: 2019 Type: Permanent Installation Collaborators: Proptogroup Size: 2500sf Status: Under construction
Party walls is a permanent multi-use architectural installation built within the boundaries of an existing courtyard in Brooklyn, New York. The buildings situated around the courtyard are comprised of garden level apartments, a sound and recording studio as well as a gallery. Because of these various uses, the client asked us to create a shared community space; activating the courtyard for private and tenant-shared events as well as creating a haven within the industrial neighborhood for residents and visitors alike.

Despite the large footprint of the courtyard, the program includes film screenings and workshops, which could accommodate up to 50 guests, a bar as well as a flexible lounge. The existing buildings have various finishes; from brightly blue metal sheets to grey painted wood panels. We wanted the new architectural element to not only be functional for the aforementioned uses, but also to give the varied architectural styles a more united appearance.

The multi arched “sleeve” accommodates the program elements in a semi concealed manner while creating private pockets of space for each tenant. Arches would be inset and positioned either parallel or at an angle from the existing buildings, creating independent miniature courtyards for each tenant as an outdoor buffer space as well as a new entryway for each unit, increasing privacy while allowing daylight to spill into the interior. Some arches would have planters below, breaking the continuous concrete plaza with greenery throughout. Other arches would be set low to accommodate a projection screen and others, much taller as a canopy for a bar and servery.